Lehrstuhl und Sektion Klinische Kognitionswissenschaften am Universitätsklinikum der RWTH Aachen


behavioural Laboratory 


Scientific responsible – PD, Dr. Antonello Pellicano


The CCS behavioural Laboratory of RWTH Aachen University established in 2010 to conduct experimental investigations in the fields of cognitive science and neuropsychology. The facility is located in room B 2.04, second floor, ZBMT building, and is set up for research and teaching purpose.

Research focuses on basic aspects of cognition and human performance, including: Action Selection and Stimulus-Response Compatibility, motor representations in objects processing, and relationships between affordance and Simon effects.

The facility can be light-attenuated and is equipped with 3-GHz PCs, 17” LCD monitors, and loudspeakers with E-Prime Professional v2.0 (http://www.pstnet.com) and Presentation (https://www.neurobs.com/) software for experiment design, stimulus presentation (visual and auditory), response timing with millisecond temporal precision, and data collection.

A PST serial response-box is interfaced with both the software for button press and voice key response collection. Custom button boxes and foot pedals are also available for specific experimental configurations. Other equipment such as shutter-glasses can be used for tachistoscopic presentation of real objects and visual scenes.


Research Projects: